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Long-standing support for voice-over IP systems! Call Us! (888) 220-0078
Long-standing support for voice-over IP systems! Call Us! (888) 220-0078

Redstone REX20-2S/2 IP-PBX All-in-One Telephony System

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REX20 is an All-in-One telephony systems. It provides seamless connectivity to not only PSTN and analog terminals, but also IP-based SIP trunks and SIP terminals. Using VoIP, REX20 supports inter-office calls over the Internet or VPN. With features such as remote extension, call forking to your mobile phone and call-back, REX20 assures you that no matter where you are, whether in your office, traveling abroad, or working at home, you will never miss any important business call. 


  • 2 analog subscribers, 2 CO lines
  • Built-in analog-gateway modules and storage for recording, FoIP, and voicemail
  • Headquarters and branch-office communications through SIP-based tie trunks
  • Mobile extensions keep you connected anywhere and anytime
  • The Windows-based SoftConsole provides click-to-dial, call history, and call recording
  • XML/HTTP-based RESTful API for third-party applications
  • Remote access via the Redstone Cloud*
  • Management with the Redstone or third-party Remote Device Management Systems (TR-069, SNMP)
  • Add-on middle-ware for hospitality applications
  • Peer-to-peer communication between Redstone IP-PBX and SIP terminals across NAT without the need for static IP addresses, DDNS or port mapping on the access router
  • SKU No: REX20-2S/2


Max. IP extensions:  20
Max. IP trunks: 24
Max. built-in analog extensions+analog trunks:  4
Max. concurrent calls:  24
Size:  35x203x136mm

REX20 Datasheet