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Long-standing support for voice-over IP systems! Call Us! (888) 220-0078
Long-standing support for voice-over IP systems! Call Us! (888) 220-0078

Redstone EGW50-8FXO Border Appliance

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With VoIP and cloud communications being fast developed and widely used, enterprises are able to deploy the telephone solution based on distributed PBX communications or cloud/hosted communications networks at a lower cost. To prevent the interruption of calling and call-related services when headquarters server or cloud/hosted server disconnects, Redstone EGW series survivability appliances are designed to be deployed at local offices or branches to handle the calls instead of the disconnected server. After connection recovers, the calling services will be switched to the headquarters server or cloud/hosted server again.

Available models of EGW series survivability appliances offer analog (FXO/FXS) interfaces to meet the needs of varies companies with 50 employees.

  • 8 CO lines
  • Connection to PSTN by FXO ports, or connection to IP trunk by 4G/5G
  • PSTN failover upon network or network failure
  • Rich local voice features: call recording, high speed fax, video call, 3-way calling
  • Enhanced security: TLS/SRTP encryption, white/black list, brute force login prevention etc.
  • Configuration and management with Web GUI or network management system
  • SKU No: EGW50-8FXO


50-200 SIP Trunks (License Control)
Built in 4G/5G module

EGW50 Datasheet